About US


In 1984, KUANG CHIEN COMPUTER Co. Ltd. (COMWEB) was established in Nantun District, Taichung City. It was originally a small company of four people. It grew from the earliest microcomputer single-axis controller and list machine controller. A product line, nearly 50 products, and a service system of 100 people. COMWEB are centered in Taiwan, set up branch offices in China and the United States to serve customers around the world, and have a place in the global market under the COMWEB brand.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been backed by a professional R&D team to help our customers solve problems. For example,in the era when there was no broadcast teaching system, when we installed the printer buffer in the school, we went through the computer classroom and saw the students crowded behind the teacher’s desk in order to see the teacher’s screen. The efficiency of learning is not good. At that time we thought about how to help teachers and students improve the learning environment. Therefore, we developed the world's first set of broadcast teaching system, and thus won the recognition of the Excellent Product Design Award from the Foreign Trade Association. "How to help customers solve problems encountered", this concept has been constantly surrounded by our hearts, and therefore we continue to develop new products, solve customer problems, and provide customers with the best quality MIT products.